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"I help passionate entrepreneurs grow their business, by implementing clear financial strategies, so they transition from feeling overwhelmed to having joy and peace of mind"   

Maria M. Lopez, CPA

Maria is a CPA and entrepreneur. She is a business advisor to entrepreneurs and their families.

She is the founder of Gallant, a company engaged in the accounting and financial services industry. Maria is a tax advisor to her business clients and their families.

She founded The Gallant Advantage, a comprehensive name offering smart simple financial solutions to her clients and the community.

She has 24+ years of public accounting and tax advisory experience having worked as a tax consultant for 2 of the Big Four public accounting firms, PwC and EY.

Today, she is the owner of the Gallant Accountants & Advisors, and other business-related finance and accounting brands.

She specializes in tax, accounting and finance matters/services.

Welcome to Smart Simple Financial Solutions

For more information about Maria's products and services, read below and also the Services and Gallery Section from the top menu items.

Smart Simple Financial Solutions are based on open dialogue and communication, follow up on what we do, timely deliverables, and providing quality of services.

For Entrepreneurs and their families

Are you looking to grow your business?

Are you looking to generate more profits?

Would you like to have the support of a CPA and tax advisor who works next to you in developing strategies to grow your business and save on income taxes?

Are you looking for an accountant to manage your bookkeeping and accounting, and reviewing those financial results with you?

Would you like to gain more clarity and understanding into your business finances?

Would you like to create wealth and abundance in your Life?

Would you like to have peace of mind by knowing you have a trusted and experience CPA working by your side?

If your answer is YES to these questions, then schedule a call with Maria so that you can begin to transform the finances of your business today.

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Our Services for Entrepreneurs and business owners

We provide these services as a bundle or as stand alone services. We have packages of these services for Start-Up and Small Businesses as well as for Middle Market companies.  Contact us for more information.


Financial Planning and analysis including budgeting, financial forecasts, cash flow management and cash flow forecasting and key performance indicators (KPI's).

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Monthly accounting review and bookkeeping services. Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable management, accounting reconciliation and financial reports.

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Income tax preparation and electronic filing. Including also income tax planning for businesses and individuals, and quarterly and year-end tax projections.

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Personal Finance Coaching

We provide personal financial coaching to individuals and their families so that they manage their finances effectively, make informed financial decisions and save/invest for their future.

Are you looking forward to a life of financial abundance and peace of mind?

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Are you eager to get started in creating the Life of your dreams?

Learn more about our Personal Finance Coaching program below:

Addressing the Fundamentals

If you are having trouble saving and investing and it feels like you are living paycheck to paycheck or your credit card debt does not seem to end, then schedule a call so that we can share details about the program "Addressing the Fundamentals".

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Investing in Your Future

Do you have the general understanding of financial terms and some strategies but want to learn more about financial independence and how to create a life of financial abundance; would you like to leave a legacy for your children and grandchildren, then schedule a call so that we can share the details of our financial program "Investing in Your Future".

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Creating Multiple Sources of Income

If you have questions about creating another source of income, or you are not buying income generating assets, and want and desire more for yourself and yours, then this is the financial coaching program for you.

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Business Finance Coaching

Our business finance coaching program has been designed with you in mind.

We provide the business finance, accounting and tax coaching and guidance so that you make informed financial decisions for your business and so that it grows and expands into your desired vision.

Are you look forward to designing the business life of your dreams where your finances and money are handled with ease and grace?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What primary services do you offer?

Maria is a CPA, a Certified Public Accountant, specializing in income taxes, finances, and accounting for entrepreneurs and their families. She is a money coach/financial coach. Her primary services are fractional CFO services including FP&A (financial planning and analysis), accounting and bookkeeping, and income tax preparation and planning. Maria also trains and coaches entrepreneurs in the areas of personal finance and business finance.

What do you specialize in?

Maria specializes in income taxes, personal financial and business finance consulting and coaching for entrepreneurs and their families. She works with women and men who are entrepreneurs and own an established business or need guidance establishing a business. Maria manages their accounting and or bookkeeping and prepares the business tax returns and personal income tax returns. She coaches her clients in the areas of mindset and finances, focusing on personal growth and entrepreneurship.

What are the rates of your services?

The rates of services vary depending on the nature of the work from training, coaching and consulting. If you are interested in learning more about our pricing, contact Maria by filling out a Contact form on this website. Maria's rates vary between $597 or more, depending on the nature of the income tax services or coaching.

Is the coaching Live or recorded courses or in groups?

Maria meets with her clients in person in Miami or virtually through zoom calls. Coaching is done live 1 to 1 with Maria so that you have the entire time and attention dedicated to your business and or personal finances.  In addition, Maria also offers a group coaching program, up to 5 to 10 people maximum. We want you to learn, grow and expand your business and financial knowledge through real time conversations, exercises and application of the items learned.

What are the coaching programs?

AbundanceNow is the personal finances coaching program which offers 3 levels, each level having multiple modules. AbundanceNow is designed for someone who wants to address their personal finances and wants to create a life of financial abundance.  MondayEntrepreneur, is our business finance coaching program designed for business owners, starting their business or leading and managing an established business.

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Ever wonder if there is a publication that provides smart simple financial solutions specially designed with you in mind? 

Well, yes! There is LeverageMagazine, a financial quarterly publication for entrepreneurs and their families.

You can visit its own website at "Read More" below.

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Looking for CPA accounting and tax services?

We are ready to handle and manage your accounting business, tax requirements and financial forecast or budget, and your personal income tax filings as well. 

At Gallant, we provide consulting and compliance services for your business, we go beyond the coaching so that you can focus on what matters most to you!

Our clients are business entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals. 

Whether you are conducting business in the U.S. or internationally, we can help you with your U.S. income tax filings and accounting.

Review our services in the top menu by selecting "services".

You can also visit us at our GallantAdvantage website by clicking on the "Read More" below:

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About Maria and Gallant

Maria has been a CPA and tax advisor for 25 years.

She built her career in income taxes consulting at PwC and EY, two of the largest accounting firms globally. 

She specialized in business income taxes working with publicly traded companies and privately owned companies doing business nationwide and internationally.

Maria graduated from Florida International University in Miami, FL. She holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and a Master of Science in Tax.  

In 2016, Maria launched her own CPA practice, Gallant, in Miami, FL. 

Maria launched her podcast on February 2017, AbundanceNow with Maria M Lopez, which is designed for entrepreneurs and their families. It focuses on mindset, finances, personal growth and entrepreneurship.

Today, Maria specializes in U.S. income tax preparation and planning, accounting and finance for entrepreneurs and their families.

She uses a coaching style to deliver her services.

Maria lives in Miami, FL, USA. She enjoys arts and music and is a tennis fan and former casual tennis player.

Maria M. Lopez, CPA, MST

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