Weekly Financial Tip – July 29, 2017

What are your plans to today Saturday?

Yes, it’s Saturday!

What are your plans for today?

a) You may be working today; one of my best friends is already at the office until 3:00 PM today. In that case: think of the Why and the Purpose of the project you are working on, take a break every 40 or 50 minutes, engage with other colleagues and think of the rewards for your pocket or career benefits.

b) You  may be going to the stores to purchase new items: write down what you want, your budget, how you plan to pay for it, which credit card you will use, and whether it is a Need or a Want.

c) Your Saturday may already be planned for you: children soccer games, birthday parties or doing homework. Enjoy your day and the company of those around you!

d) My always favorite alternative is if none of the above applies: relax, recharge, or be spontaneous, be adventurous!

e) If business, money or finances are top of mind today: block 1 to 2 hours to focus on this item, use simple pen and paper to write down your concerns, your alternatives and I will guarantee you that as you write down, solutions will arise, write those solutions down as well!

Wish you all a fabulous Saturday full of Joy and Financial Abundance!

Abundance Now
Maria M. Lopez, CPA, Financial Advisor, Public Speaker



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