ByMariaLopez Weekly Financial Tips – September 16, 2017

ByMariaLopez Weekly Financial Tips:

7 things to do in order to file a property insurance claim:

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma are gone, and they left damages to our properties. These are my 7 tips for you to check on the safety and repair your property:

1. Take pictures.
2. File a claim, even for small items; it won’t count against you.
3. If there is another a Hurricane this year then your claims can exceed your deductible, and then you can start to be reimbursed.
4. Call your insurance company; beware of calls from false business pretending to be your insurance carrier.
5. Access FEMA website, you may qualify for federal assistance.
6. You will receive an Insurance claims check as quickly and the sooner you contact your Insurance company.
7. When hiring a contractor to repair the property damage, check their State license and research the company on Better Business Bureau.
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