Maria founded Gallant, which is the branded name for her consortium of entities and teams serving her clients; business owners, entrepreneurs and their families, through Gallant Accountants & Advisors, a CPA firm based in South Florida which provides accounting, tax, and consulting services to small/medium sized businesses, their owners, and families in ALL 50 US STATES. Gallant is also the branded name for Gallant Financial Services, a financial services firm offering personal financial plans for individuals and their families; Maria as a CPA and sitting for the CFP, Certified Financial Planner accreditation, she is well versed in the personal financial planning area from debt reduction, estate planning, tax planning, insurance planning and other areas such as college funding, etc. Gallant is also the branded name for Gallant Education Enterprises and Gallant Media Enterprises, which are owned by Maria to hold seminars and events to the public, including her own coaching monthly programs, and her Media activities through her RadioShow and Podcast, AbundanceNow with Maria M Lopez, launched in February 2017; a RadioShow of great interviews on the areas of Mindset, Finances and Personal Development.

Gallant’s vision is to grow as a premier financial planning consulting firm specifically geared for Hispanic and women-owned businesses in the USA, serving clients and their families from her South Florida offices. Maria understands her clients do appreciate meeting in person and thus Maria and her team do travel to meet with their clients on a regular basis and also hold conferences on telephone and video conferencing.

Gallant’s mission is to empower its clients, associates, and community by providing solutions with an approach that leads, trains, and coaches others into achieving their financial success. Maria has a method for measuring the success of her clients business growth and personal finances by using analytics: what is measured is accomplished !


We are committed to our clients as well as their personal and business success.

We are great at what we do because we have talent and years of experience in the business. We are driven and stand out through an approach designed to build a relationship with our clients.

We provide quality of services by reviewing our solutions and services, taking point to deliver them with the utmost care.

Our services are delivered with rapid response and on a timely manner.

Our solutions are in sync with the current trends, your business’s situation, and personal finances.