About Maria


Maria M. Lopez is changing the way Hispanics think about finance. Maria is a Florida CPA, a Certified Public Accountant, and a FL Insurance Licensed Professional. Maria is currently pursuing her accreditation as a CFP, Certified Financial Planner. Maria has held her CPA license for over 25 years, she dedicated 24 of those years working with PwC (previously known as Price Waterhouse Coopers) and with EY ( Ernst & Young ), two of the largest accounting firms in the world. She is well experienced in tax advisory services, accounting guidance and other finance areas for businesses and in the areas of personal financial planning.  If you would like to speak to Maria, find contact information below and email address as well.

As founder of Lifestyle Finances for Entrepreneurs, co-founder of GetFitGetRich and owner of Gallant Accountants and Advisors, Maria teaches Hispanic entrepreneurs to design a lifestyle through their finances. Her clients build their assets, grow their businesses, and empower the Hispanic community through their financial leadership.

Maria, born in Nicaragua, discovered her life’s purpose through a combination of her passion to give back to the Hispanic community through financial tools, education, and her experience through 22 years in public accounting.

Maria’s signature system breaks down the complexity of finance and focuses on building a legacy for her clients’ vision.

Maria’s perseverance and dedication started at age 6, when she would see her mother coming back from the office after long day at work. She remembers seeing her mother in a beautiful dress, high heels, and a briefcase. Maria knew then, that her future life as an adult was to be a successful entrepreneur.

On top of an extensive career in public accounting, Maria holds a certificate as a Florida Certified Public Accountant, a Master’s degree in Taxation and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Accounting from Florida International University. She is a candidate for the Certified Financial Planner certification and considers herself a lifelong student.

Before Maria launched her independent consulting business, she worked at global accounting firms such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young leading income tax projects that would maximize efficiency in her clients’ businesses, streamline their processes, be compliant with the income tax regulations, and through tax planning, minimize their income tax liability.

She is passionate about empowering the Hispanic community financially and building wealth for Hispanic entrepreneurs and families.

Maria lives in Miami, Florida where she speaks on issues of finance for the families, business entrepreneurs and the community. Maria holds webinars and is a coach of business owners and families and individuals in designing the financial lifestyle of their dreams. Maria holds her coaching program on an on-going basis discussing various topics on a weekly basis with her clients through social media, webinars, and other weekly conference calls.