ByMariaLopez Weekly Financial Tips:

Will you buy a $1,000 iPhone? Today, giant Apple releases its 3 latest models of iPhones at about $1,000 each. Samsung will also be releasing its new smartphone as well !

I don’t know about you! What would this new phone do to create more leads for my business? What would this new smart phone do to convert more leads into clients? How does it improve the efficiency in my business?

How would it assist you in obtaining a new promotion in your career? How would it help you save for retirement? How would it help you in creating an 8 months emergency fund?

It all goes back to Deferred Gratification!

The Millionaire Next Door is a great book that provides insight into how others have been able to implement the daily habits that lead to the creation of financial stability and Wealth, if that is something we would like to create!

If we have the funds to purchase this new smartphone; by all means: Let’s Enjoy it! It’s a new toy; it’s the latest technology! But, I invite us to consider other ways of utilizing those funds in an investment plan that will create additional sources of income for us and for our family, as opposed to charging a credit card for $1,000 that one may not be able to pay the balance within 30 days!

Stay credit card ? safe! Start today to create those daily habits that put us in the green and not in the red!
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ByMariaLopez Special Tax Alert – September 12, 2017:

Per IR-2017-150, Sept 12, 2017, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has granted an extension of time to Hurricane Irma victims in parts of Florida* until January 31, 2018, to file certain individual and business tax returns and make certain tax payments.

The tax relief offers an additional extension of time for taxpayers with valid extensions that run through October 16, and businesses that run out on September 15.

The tax relief also postpones various tax filings and payment deadlines that occurred starting on September 4, 2017 in Florida.

*Do check for Florida counties and cities affected.

I encourage you to consult with your tax advisor or CPA.
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ByMariaLopez Weekly Financial Tips:

7 things to do in order to file a property insurance claim:

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma are gone, and they left damages to our properties. These are my 7 tips for you to check on the safety and repair your property:

1. Take pictures.
2. File a claim, even for small items; it won’t count against you.
3. If there is another a Hurricane this year then your claims can exceed your deductible, and then you can start to be reimbursed.
4. Call your insurance company; beware of calls from false business pretending to be your insurance carrier.
5. Access FEMA website, you may qualify for federal assistance.
6. You will receive an Insurance claims check as quickly and the sooner you contact your Insurance company.
7. When hiring a contractor to repair the property damage, check their State license and research the company on Better Business Bureau.
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ByMariaLopez Weekly Financial Tips:

How do we prepare for the Holiday Season?

I love the season of Fall! ? The air and the breeze in the afternoons are just beautiful!
My 6 personal financial tips as we prepare to rejoice the 2017 Holiday season:

1. Giving is a beautiful gift and sharing with our family and friends and community is wonderful! There were several natural disasters this year; many families and children will welcome a new toy, new clothing and a great meal!
2. We choose what the Holiday season means to us! As we plan to give gifts, i invite us to write down a list of what we are buying and it’s estimated cost. Let’s create a budget!
4. Do we already have the available funds to purchase the gifts for our loved ones? If not, there is still time to save in the next 2 months; I would recommend we use a separate savings account to put aside the funds.
3. Let’s be resourceful; the same product or item can be purchased for a lot less in a different store.
4. The overuse of credit cards do not make a season bright! So, we decide if we want to build more on a high credit card debt balance or create other affordable alternatives of how to celebrate the season with our family!
5. Let’s not fall for “sales” and “discounts” at department stores; let’s do our research before we buy!
6. My always favorite: Play some Holiday ? music!! ?
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